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This document governs the policy regarding the basic use of the website and E-commerce store.  The user/site visitor/buyer consents to these terms and conditions upon the first and every consecutive visit or use of the website.  At any time, Trend Slayer Boutique may change or modify the terms and conditions of this website, and any/all changes to these terms and conditions are applicable to the use of the website, therefore, the user/visitor/buyer consents to changes in the terms and conditions at any time.

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The content of website is intended only for informational and personal use by the visitor/user/buyer of in order to purchase our products listed on the website. The content may not be used by anyone for commercial purposes for any reason, unless approved by  Content may be shared on social networks (ex: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pictures only if proper attribution is given to  Any content or physical products purchased on may not be resold for any reason.  Such reselling of products or content is subject to legal action for unauthorized use.

Restriction of Liability is not and will not be liable for damages, injury, or related incidentals caused by the use or visiting of the website.  Such issues include, but are not limited to: website failure, browser display, and monitor display, interruption of internet service, computer viruses, hacking, etc. at any point during site visits or transactions. Users visit the website at their own risk and agree that is not liable for any of the aforementioned issues. Any damages that are allowed under the extent of the law, under Trend Slayer Boutique liability will be limited to the monetary amount paid to access the website.

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Trend Slayer Boutique and com are trademarks of Trend Slayer Boutique LLC., a company that is registered in the U.S. and State of New Jersey.  Any products or trademarks of company names or brands that may be mentioned in the content of remain trademarks of those companies and are subject to the Terms of Use of that company.

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When a user/visitor/buyer accesses another non- website (ex:,, etc. . .), this website is an independent entity and not affiliated with  Trend Slayer Boutique has no control over the other site content, policies, or use of information.  By accessing a website through, the user/visitor/buyer assumes and accepts responsibility for any and all consequences of using or accessing the website. is not liable for any use of personal or non-personal information on websites or the consequences of using said websites.


By using or accessing, the user/visitor/buyer agrees to and holds harmless from any and all of the following: claims, damages, costs and expenses, attorneys’ fees, etc. arising from or related to your use of

Termination of Account

Use of this website, purchases made on the website and account creations on the website are subject to the terms and conditions stated in this document.  Any use of this website constitutes an agreement by the user or buyer to comply with the terms & conditions, privacy policy, and return policy listed on

The user account created by the user/visitor/buyer is effective and governed by the policies on this website until the account is deleted and/or terminated by the user/visitor/buyer or

User/visitor/buyers may terminate their account at any time, but all visits and use of the website are still subject to the terms & conditions of this agreement even if the site visitor has not made a user account or completed a purchase. may also terminate this Agreement at any time.  Users who violate the terms and conditions of the site will be denied access to the site. This decision is made at the sole discretion of

Disclaimer of Use

The user/visitor/buyer assumes complete and full responsibility for any and all costs, damages, or losses associated with use of the website, purchases on the website made under the user account and agree that they are using the site at their own risk and discretion.  All information on the site is intended for informational purposes with regard to the process and purpose of viewing and purchasing the products on  Use of the website constitutes an implied agreement and consent to the following: Terms & Conditions; and the Privacy Policy.  All information on the site is provided “as-is” and no warranties of any product use for particular purposes are made by

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